Results Matter When You Are Facing Criminal Charges

Protecting Your Child Before The Courts

In North Dakota, like in any other state in the U.S., if your child is in legal trouble, it is a different situation than it is for adults. Generally, they will start their case in a juvenile court instead of a district court. That doesn’t mean it will stay there, and there are rules about what cases can, or must, move from juvenile court up to district court. The focus differs in juvenile cases, too, with the emphasis being on rehabilitation, not punishment. However, that does not mean there will never be punishment.

​A juvenile case, like an adult criminal charge, can also have long-lasting consequences outside the court system. It may impact your child’s rights or require placement on certain registries, and restitution can follow them for years into adulthood. Having the legal advice and representation of a seasoned defense lawyer is vital, and Mr. Jeremy Curran is ready to listen to your case at Curran Law Firm.

Juvenile Cases Can Have Everlasting Consequences

There are also potential consequences for the parents in some cases, with the state having the option to seek restitution from the parents and the court having the authority to order it. It may also lead to an investigation into the family and a visit from Social Services.

Juvenile cases are often viewed as “minor” and not as significant as charges against adults. However, there are possible consequences that would follow a child for years after into their future and can also cause problems for the parents. If you have a child who has found themselves in legal trouble in the Grand Forks area, contact a knowledgeable attorney at Curran Law Firm today and make sure you are doing all you can to protect yourself and to protect their future.

Start Protecting Your Child And Yourself

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