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Legal Assistance To Obtain Or Fight Against Restraining Orders

You want to be left alone, but the other person insists on continuing to contact you. What options do you have if you are harassed by someone you do not wish to talk to? What if you get served with a restraining order? What if you want a restraining order – what do you have to show to get one?

At Curran Law Firm, attorney Jeremy Curran can help you with all issues related to criminal accusations, including restraining orders. For example, the above questions depend on the type of order you are looking for. A restraining order can be based on several situations, including disorderly conduct, domestic violence or sexual assault.

You should know that just because you do not want to talk to someone does not mean the court will get involved to stop it from happening. You have to show that the unwanted contact has reached a point where you need the court to stop it, and that requires more than just not wanting someone to text you anymore.

Receiving A Restraining Order

What happens if you receive a restraining order? These orders are burdensome and may limit you in many ways. You cannot contact someone; you may be ordered to not be near their home or work; you cannot have a mutual friend deliver messages to that person for you; and you may need to move out of your own home in some cases.

If you violate the terms of the order, you can be arrested, and depending on the type of order and prior violations, it may be a felony-level charge. You may also face other consequences that are not in the order. For example, if it is a domestic violence order, you may lose your right to own firearms while the order is in place. Restraining orders are serious issues that can have severe impacts, and they are dealt with very quickly in the court system, with a hearing scheduled within weeks.

Have You Been Served A Restraining Order Or Think You Need One?

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