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Tenacious Legal Defense In Evictions And Foreclosures

Finding an eviction notice on your door or receiving foreclosure documents for your property can be a scary, unnerving situation that causes anxiety. You may be looking at being removed from your home, or you may lose property that your family has owned for years.

What is more, you may have a much harder time finding a new place to live. An eviction or foreclosure will be in your record, and you often have to answer questions about it on lease or mortgage documents. It is a complex situation now, and it can make many things harder in the future. At Curran Law Firm, in Grand Forks, attorney Jeremy Curran can counsel and assist you in fighting to protect your home and other legal issues.

Fight Back With A Knowledgeable Attorney In Your Corner

If you have received either an eviction notice or foreclosure documents and do not believe they are warranted, it is essential to get in touch with a lawyer. You should learn your options to fight it as soon as possible.

You need to go over several documents, and you need to consider options to defend yourself against the claims the other party makes against you. It is vital to review every detail of your case. Federal and state laws protect your rights, and Mr. Curran can help you reach agreements with the relevant institutions.

For example, when you are a tenant and find yourself in the middle of an eviction procedure, your landlord must go through a legal process to issue a termination notice. Mr. Curran can help you understand your rights, represent your best interests and fight back.

Find Out Your Rights Before You Lose Your Home

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