Results Matter When You Are Facing Criminal Charges

Comprehensive Legal Representation

There are seemingly endless areas of the law, and it would be impossible to list all of them on one website. If you have legal issues or questions about whether you may have a possible legal remedy to a problem, attorney Jeremy Curran can help. At Curran Law Firm, he uses his experience in a more general practice area to help you resolve your issues.

A General Practice Attorney Ready To Assist You

Legal issues are confusing, and you may have options to address your issues in court. The courts can offer help in a wide range of situations, and you may be able to get the relief you are seeking. Often, the services provided at Curran Law Firm can help with your possible legal issues.

Licensed to practice in North Dakota and Minnesota, Mr. Curran is a seasoned trial attorney who will not hesitate to take your case to court to protect your best interests, rights and loved ones. The cases he receives include:

  • Issues related to criminal law, from traffic tickets to severe cases involving life sentences and cases at state and federal level
  • Legal defense of tenants and homeowners who are at risk for eviction or foreclosure
  • Matters involving criminal accusations against children less than 13 years old
  • Individuals who need a restraining order or require legal representation to fight against one

Whether you want you fight for your home or your rights and freedom, Mr. Curran can help. To get answers to questions about your issues or if the court is the right place to address them, contact his law firm to learn how he can help you. If he can’t help you, he may be able to help you contact someone who can.

Don’t See Your Legal Issue?

Schedule an appointment today to learn more about your options to address your legal needs by calling 701-746-9175. You can also contact Mr. Curran’s office via this online form.